The Business Mum Juggle: 20% Strategic, 80% Mindset

Becc is a mum of two very active little boys, a business owner and a wife. These are her titles, but remember there is so much more to us mums. Becc is a creative soul, she loves to dance and sing, she is sentimental, she wears her heart of her sleeve.  A real woman experiencing many MUMoments.

Becc creator of The Mummary, practical, easy and supportive products to help you feel organised and strengthen your mummy mindset. She's here to tell us her story of The Business Mum Juggle: 20% Strategy, 80% Mindset:

This thought couldn’t have come at a better time. 

Being in business over the last 4 years has taught me so much about the world, that you would think by now, I’d have my sh*t sorted. Well that’s not the case. I’m about to share a very real and vulnerable story with you. 

I always knew I wanted to be in business for myself, but I had no idea what. My 20’s were used for working for someone's and masking the imperfections and emotions that I had with substances that gave me instant peace and the feeling of relaxation. Things were starting to shake for me, I was over my corporate life, and then surprisingly, fell pregnant with my first boy. 

My world completely changed. 

My lifestyle completely changed. 

It was at the moment where I went from me to we, that I started to think about my business dreams seriously. The thought of juggling a newborn baby and a newborn business scared the hell out of me but there was also the excitement and passion that had been building for a long time that needed to come out. I set about creating my business foundations and thought, once I launched, I would get all the orders I ever wanted or needed. Oh how I was wrong. 

The disappointment came over me so hard. The insecure feelings rose and I wondered whether I should be doing this. I feel the mum guilt often has I pushed forward trying to make my business work. I kept seeing “time flies when they are little,” but I pushed on because I wanted to make something for my family. I wanted my baby to grow up seeing that dreams can come true. 

After many trials and challenges, ups and downs, I sat there one day, thinking about this business mum life juggle. My husband asked me a very impactful question in that moment, “will you want to be doing this in 5 years time?” And I couldn’t answer him. The craft that I was doing, I never had considered how long term it would be. It scared me that I couldn’t answer this question to the point where I questioned my purpose in life. 

Along came number two baby, and it dawned on me that my mental health was impacting the experience of motherhood for me. Then along came the pandemic, and I was isolated with my thoughts every single day. This was the first turning point for my life and then flowed onto my business. I seeked mindful practices to help me feel better. Sure it worked in the moment, but the feeling didn’t last long. I tried heaps of thing around this time and it wasn’t until I simplified it, that things started to change. I used three practices (instead of everything I thought I should be doing.) Daily, I would check in with myself, reflecting on my efforts and planning what I could control. This made me feel a little calm amongst the chaos. 

These practices had started something for me personally and I wanted to share this with other mothers. So I set about creating my own range of affirmation products, journals and planners specifically designed for mums. Easy and simple I thought. 

The uptake on these wasn’t what I hoped for. It left me feeling that self doubt, guilt for all the time I had put into them away from my family and made me feel like a failure. Could I continue with this business? This was the question I continually asked myself. 

I took every single course that was presented to me. I felt like a course junkie. And I thought with every course I did, I would find the answers to success. 

Many courses later and many $$$ invested, I wasn't any further along in my journey. I had a heap of strategy knowledge now, but it wasn’t working. I was missing the key. 

Then late last year, I came across another course but this time, it would give me a credential I could hold onto. I invested again and told myself, this would be the last time. Little did I know, this course was the start of something great. 

Off I went on the learning journey again and I wanted more. It was all about the mind's own language and I was loving consuming this information. I didn’t have an end goal in mind once I completed it, all I knew is that I wanted to expand my knowledge in mindset. And so I did. 

Now, I have invested in more learnings from the same coach, all about how our reality is created and it has been eye opening experiencing. Now I have discovered the missing link, mindset. 

Today, as I sit here, I’ve had another insight. That’s what you get when you quieten your mind. I seek clarity in my journey. I’m swimming in an ocean and can’t seem to find land. I know now why? It is because I still have inner work to do on myself. I need to strengthen my own mindset first, work on me before anyone else. And when we can turn in, and work on ourselves, then the magic happens. For me, it has started and I know I will continue with the support of my coach. There is no end in sight with this understanding but it will keep giving. It’s like moving up a level in swimming class from when you were younger. The more your practice, the better you’ll get. Repetition. 

Now that I know how important mindset is, I’m on a mission to help others discover this too. As you can see from my journey, you can have all the strategy in the world, but if you don’t have a solid mindset, it just won’t work. Put your efforts into creating and growing your mindset more than strategies you want to use in your business or life. That is the secret key. That is the juggle you need to make.  


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