Losing my groove & dealing with the loss of our beloved dog

We are all running on fumes by the time December hits, we're all anticipating the holidays, the Christmas break and welcoming in a new year- New Year, New Me?

Hah, yeah right! That's definitely not me 

The highlight of my December and most probably the last day I actually had any drive and motivation behind me was the day of my photoshoot, followed shortly by Xmas Eve, Xmas Day and Boxing Day.... ahhh I switched off and didn't want to switch back on... until early January 

Then January hit and you may I have seen I very publicly shared the week of losing our dear Lolita, our family dog of 13 years. Lolita had a few months of rapid deterioration without possible cause or explanation, the vets changed her diet, did some teeth extractions and full blood works just a few months before but that unfortunately didn't help... it got to a point where her fur was sitting on her skeleton (most literally you could feel every bone in her body as you pet her) 

We knew something wasn't right the moment she started struggling to eat, drink water and with toileting, her last vet check up in early January 2022 revealed she was suffering with leukemia at an advanced stage and was now showing signed of dying, the best thing we could do for her was put her down. 

I only got the chance to briefly spend 30 minutes with her in my attempt to say goodbye and thank her for her presence, the strength she brought to our home through our hardest times and the happiness she instilled in us. 

Lolita gained her angel wings on Thursday 13/01/21 

And then the emotions hit hard, I had days of intense outburst of tears and sadness, I had never really experienced the loss of a pet and don't think anyone will ever truly be prepared for that day 

So here we are heading into late January and finally..... I have found my groove again, overcome the sense of running on the very last fumes of the year and dealing with grieving the passing of our beloved Lolita 

The point of sharing this is to normalise the bad moments, the not so good seasons of life, embrace the feelings and emotions, ride the wave and come out the brighter end of the tunnel

ANYWHO... Who's ready for an amazing year!? Do I hear a HELL YEAH!?

Yes me too!

My word for the new year is LIMITLESS 

Because I am limitless - my circumstances, my mindset, my roles do not limit me and I have to remind myself that I am capable of anything I put my mind to

I'd love to hear what's your word of the year 👇 please share in the comments below