Do paid Facebook Ads really work and will they work for your business?


The burning question any business owner wants answered before they spend their hard-earned cash on paid advertising is “Do Facebook Ads really work and will they work for my business?”.

Am I right?

Regardless of whether I am or not, it’s super important to ask this question before you invest your moolah!


We hear countless success stories from business owners of their experience using Facebook Ads, but can you achieve the same results? This is well worth figuring out before you pursue them in your business.

To help you answer this question, I’ve created a simple checklist. If I am being honest, it will take you a few hours to do the research, but you’ll be so grateful you did. It will save you time, money and sanity.

There is only one tool you need to help answer the questions “Do paid Facebook ads really work and will they work for my business?”. That tool is called the Facebook Ads Library. It’s a tool that way too many business owners don’t discover but would be so relieved if they did.



The Facebook Ads library is the place you can search all the ads currently running around the world and how long they’ve been running. These include ads running across Facebook apps and services, including Instagram. For products and services, you can only search active ads but for ads that are about issues, elections or politics, you can also search ads that are inactive and no longer running.

It is a free tool that was created by Facebook to provide advertising transparency but it’s incredibly helpful for business owners just like you.

The Facebook Ads library is absolute gold for researching your industry and competitors. You can use your findings as a guide to model your ads off. This will make a whole lot more sense soon.

Ready to get started.

Let’s head over to the Facebook Ads Library to start our research.

We are going to use this FREE tool to search up our industry and competitors and work out whether our ads will work or not before we spend any moolah!

But how do you do this?

Let’s go through the process!


Set the location to country that you’re going to advertise in and choose an ad category to begin your search. You can almost bet that 99.99% of the time you’ll choose ‘All Ads’ for the category.


Type in a keyword or a competing brand to search using their Facebook handle and select the correct one.

In the Facebook Ads Library, you can search for keywords related to your product or services or other advertisers such as your competitors. It’s often best to choose the second option as you want to be able to model your ads from your biggest contender.

If you have been in business for a while, you will hopefully know who your biggest competitors are. List down 20 of them and start your research. If you are unsure of who your competitors are, head to Google and run a search on other businesses like yours e.g. I would Google Facebook Ad Agencies Australia.

For the purposes of this exercise, I am going to use a well know brand for the example. The brand I will use is Nike. Follow along with the tutorial using one of your main competitors.

When you start your search, you will see all the information about the brand along the top of the screen in the header section of the landing page. This covers off the brands follower numbers, when their Facebook Page was created, the countries they advertise in, and any potential spending related to issues, politics or elections around the world.


If majority of your rivals are running ads that this is a clear sign that Facebook Ads could also work for your business. You have the first tick in the box. It’s safe to say that they wouldn’t be advertising unless they were seeing a return on investment.

If your competitors aren’t advertising, there are a few considerations you need to make. Is it because they are a first mover, and they may have not considered advertising yet OR is it because your competitors have given Facebook Ads a go and failed? The latter option is less likely as Facebook Ads generally work for most brands when the offer is strong, and execution done well. Continue your search as you may find you have a competitive advantage here.


Count how many ads your competitor is running? Obviously, you don’t need to individually count every single ad but you get the gist. Are they only running one advertisement (as this could be a trial) or is there at least ten?

The more ads you see running, the more likely it is that Facebook Ads are working for them. And what does this mean? This means that they could very well work for you too!

Tip: Scroll through all the Facebook Ads they have running and take a look at the starting along the top of each ad. If the ad began more than three months ago, than there is a very high chance that this ad is profitable. Nobody would keep an ad running long term if it wasn’t. If the ad started last week, then this advertisement wouldn’t be a good guide.

How are you going? Ticking more boxes?



It’s now time to look at your competitors’ advertisements in a little more detail.

Here I want you to look at the types of media they have used, the copy and headlines they have written and the call-to-action buttons they’ve chosen. Don’t forgot to give them a click to see where the ad lands you.

Hint: This will give you plenty of ideas to model from later. Modelling off brands that have been advertising for a long time will save you loads of time and testing because you can bet your bottom dollar they did and continue to do a stack of testing on all ad elements.

Be sure not to copy their ads. Always be original and set yourself apart from your competitors with what is unique about your brand.

By now you should have determined if:

  • Your competitors are advertising
  • There ads are likely getting results

If you can answer yes to both these points, then it’s a good sign that Facebook Ads could work for your brand.

Not so fast!

Will their success translate into your very own Facebook Ads success?


It’s time to lay your product or service offer on the table and determine how similar it is to what your competitors are offering.

For those competitors that are experiencing Facebook Ads success we need to consider:

  • Do you have a similar price, product or service, and can you match this closely?
  • Is the price similar?
    • Are you cheaper and why? Is this difference something that matters to your audience?
    • Are you more expensive? Are your products or services better and your customers are willing to pay the premium to get those extra features or benefits?
    • Are you the same price or cheaper and your product or service is actually better quality?

If you’re in a marketplace with established brands it can often be hard to compete unless you have a better price or offer.

Can you confidently say that you’re offer is just as compelling as your competition, if not better?

If you screamed yes to that question than you are ready to start your Facebook Ads.

To create successful Facebook Ads, you also have to execute them well too. I have created a number of tutorials that will help you on your Facebook Ads journey.

It’s important to feel confident that Facebook Ads will work for your business before your start creating them. It will mean that you put that much more effort into the execution of the advertisements to achieve your brand’s objectives and goals with the confidence that they can and will work for you too. It’s a mindset shift and I’m so glad you completed these steps before starting.


By now you should be able to answer the questions “Do paid Facebook Ads really work and will they work for my business?”.

If it’s a yes…jump in and start creating your Facebook Ad. Be sure to do a better job than your competitors too. You have all their ads at your fingertips so there is no reason you can’t.

Good Luck. I can’t wait to hear about your success with Facebook Ads.


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Written by Nicki Sciberras - Miss Marketing 

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